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Description[ edit ] Tzniut includes a group of laws concerned with modesty of both dress and behavior. The Talmud then extends his interpretation: There are many different interpretations of what tzniut means, so people from different communities will sometimes dress differently. Orthodox Judaism requires both men and women to substantially cover their bodies. According to many opinions, this involves covering the elbows and knees. Haredi Ashkenazi practice discourages sandals without socks both in and out of the synagogue, whereas Haredi Sefardi communities tend to accept sandals at least outside of synagogue. Dress in a synagogue and, according to many, in public should be comparable to that worn by the community when meeting royalty or government. Haredi women wear blouses covering the elbow and collarbone, and skirts that cover the knees while standing and sitting. The ideal sleeve and skirt length varies by community.

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Actually besides the legs of the ladies that would soon be shuffling in, the view was quite good, the glass was clear and polished allowing non-reflective views as well as providing a slight glare so as to avoid direct eye contact with potential victims of the piercing stare of hungry singles who are waiting patiently to devour the meat that lay across the barren wasteland of empty seats that led to the golden rows of luscious ladies. I think that the high point of any singles shabbaton is when there is still that flicker of hope, the hope that the women will be good looking and the hope that one of the good looking ones will actually give you the time of day.

That hope is at its peak during kabalas shabbos on Friday night, at that moment only the most gorgeous and usually frummest girls are in the shull. They stand huddled on the side, burying their faces in their siddurs as we men try to be cool and not oogle, but also try to catch some eyes or maybe even a nod. The second before all the women walk in to the shull from their schmoozings going on outside- usually just one big reunion of the singles shabbaton groupies who know each other by face and talk about the same people they know every time they see them.

These women walk into shull usually around the end of maariv and then two things happen.

September 22, September 17, Bad4Shidduchim dating, makeup, shidduchim, tznius 13 Comments In high school we learned that makeup is evil, and possibly destroyed the Beis Hamikdash. (At least eyeshadow did.

Archives Shmuel Ben Eliezer The Jewish community in Ostroleka Poland was first established in the 17th century and like all other communities in Poland saw good times and bad. At the beginning of the 20th century the community numbered 6, But after the war, Jews returned to Ostrolekaand by they numbered 3, , more then a third of the total population.

Archives Ann Novick I have spent the last two articles discussing some common joys and problems we face as the holidays come and go. Baby Boomer women, growing up in the era or should I say, “with the error,” of the self imposed attitude of “we can do it all” without help, have for the most part not discussed the difficulty of the holidays with anyone except other boomers. Archives Ann Novick Malky’s father-in-law had been in the hospital for months.

Now, with Pesach approaching and his health improving, her in-laws would be joining Malky and her family for the holiday. Malky knew it would mean more demands on her time, and she understood that being an on-site caregiver was not going to be easy. But Malky loved her in-laws and wanted them with her for Pesach. Archives Shmuel Ben Eliezer Among the missions left unfinished after the passing of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yossie Raichik was the completion of a Torah Scroll for a synagogue bearing his ancestor’s name.

That changed last week as his widow, Dina Raichik, joined a procession of hundreds of singing celebrants through the streets of Krakow, Poland’s historic Jewish quarter, to finally welcome the Holy Scroll in the centuries-old Rema Synagogue. Archives Ann Novick Many members of the baby boomer generation have now become caregivers.

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If you’re gonna be immature, at least giggle as you read – no hate mail please. Here’s the answer to something I bet all of you boys were wondering about. For most frum single girls, the discussions usually involve a lot of speculation mixed in with obgyn horror stories. If a frum single girl’s lucky, she gets a little more info from a less frum friend and maybe even gets to live vicariously through her. If she’s really lucky, she’s got a friend who’s already crossed over to the married side who’s willing to TALK.

Some married friends become too private to even ask you for a pad when they need one.

Aleeza Ben Shalom is known as the Marriage Minded Mentor. She is a professional dating coach and the author of Get Real, Get Married, your guide to get over your hurdles and under the chuppah! Aleeza is a passionate speaker and regular contributor to and Yated Ne’eman. She works with clients from around the world as well as trains future dating coaches.

Bathing Suits for a Pear Shape You might assume that modest swimwear is strictly the domain for mature and plus size swimmers, but you’d be wrong. Although these two groups do tend to favor bathing suits that offer more coverage and support, many young and fit swimmers are also turning to this style of swimwear, and for more than one reason. Although barely-there bikinis are often glorified in North and South American cultures, as well as in Europe, they are not viewed with the same appreciation everywhere.

Let’s look at a few cultures that buck the current trends and advocate modest swimwear. Conservative Cultures Religion has always played an important role in the fashions of certain regions and cultures around the world. While there are certainly individuals who march to their own drummer in every group, each group has it’s own standard for what would be considered modest swim attire. Muslim Swimwear Muslims take a fairly strict view on modesty in their culture, as evidenced by the long dark robes worn by the strictest Muslim women.

These robes, called niqab, cover all but a woman’s eyes.

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Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: In the secular community, black stockings were considered very sexy. I remember, finally when I was about 10 years old, my mother allowed me to wear them. It was picture day, and I begged and I pleaded until she finally said “yes, fine.

I remember that morning my mom was walking me to school and we met our neighbor.

Rus is an advocate for tznius and modest clothing and maintains the website.

Have a firm handshake. Look people in the eye. Sing in the shower. Own a great stereo system. If in a fight, hit first and hit hard. Never give up on anybody. Always accept an outstretched hand. No one can tell the difference. Make it a habit to do nice things for people who will never find out. Lend only those books you never care to see again.

Frum women don’t like sex

Thoughts of an Orthodox Jewish Single Female. Monday, June 27, Reflections on Tznius I can still picture the pre-teen chubby blonde girl with glasses who looked up at me and asked curiously, “Aren’t you hot wearing that? I remember smiling at the girl, laughing to myself at the sincere shock in her voice, and replying seriously that I was used to dressing this way and was warm, but not dying of heat. The truth is that I remember thinking the same thing when I was a little kid growing up, as I did not always dress this way: How could anyone in their right mind wear anything more than short sleeves in the summer?

The funnier part is now I look at the world around me and wonder how certain people can walk around so exposed.

Question: Why do religious Jewish women have to wear skirts?Why isn’t a married woman supposed show her hair? Is this connected to a particular Mitzvah (Commandment)? Answer: There are several aspects to Tznius—modesty in dress and aspect is the codification of exactly what may and may not be uncovered.

Thursday, June 16, The Tzniut Project Women from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of observances have volunteered to anonymously answer questions that I have written about their practices, people’s assumptions, and more. Please continue to check back with The Tzniut Project to read more stories and comment abundantly! This post is contributed by a reader. I did include a comment, if only for posterity’s sake! How do you affiliate Jewishly?

Feel free to elaborate on the words people use to describe you and the words you use to describe yourself. I consider myself centrist Orthodox. I disagree with certain aspects of the chareidi hashkafa, like the push for all men to learn in kollel and the suspicion of science and secular learning in general, so intellectually I identify with modern Orthodoxy.

However, practically speaking, I don’t feel that I fit in the modern Orthodox community because of what I’ll call the Big Three Syndrome: I don’t like the attitude that if you’re keeping those mitzvos, you’re all set. I’m also uncomfortable with the way many modern Orthodox folks compartmentalize their lives:

Modest Fashion Is All the Rage: Can the Trend Last?

All proceeds will be donated exclusively for the mitzvah of hachnosas kallah, helping ease the financial burden for kallahs. Tefilas and resources for this can be found on ShasForShidduchim. To sponsor a daf, click here.

The Tzniut Project 7: Being Attractive, Not Attracting This is the seventh in a multi-part series called The Tzniut Project. Women from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of observances have volunteered to anonymously answer questions that I have written about their practices, people’s assumptions, and more.

I was looking at Guard Your Eyes last night and they have some great stories about addiction by both men and women. Can you imagine if the frum community stopped wasting so much energy to prevent people from doing something they will do anyway? It seems that the focus on tznius, sex, addiction, internet, and so on is a great way to keep control over a vast portion of the frum community. Without our focus on masturbation and porn, what on earth would yeshiva high schools teach? Find out more on 4torah.

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